An Introduction To Compression Socks

Veins carry the blood back from the lower part of the body to the heart. In some case, the blood clots and the blood is not able to go back to the upper part and reach the heart. That is called varicose veins and to cure that you will need to wear compression socks. This is very much common in people who have sedentary jobs as well as people who fly long distances in the economy class. This is also known as an economy class syndrome.

Tips to prevent varicose vein

Take a walk every half an hour when you are sitting in the office. This is the best way to avoid varicose veins. The solution to this problem is to wear socks which are specifically manufactured to put pressure on the veins to send the blood back.

People with long sitting jobs are recommended to consult the doctor and take advice. And in most cases, the advice will be to buy and wear compression socks. It is also recommended for people who fly long distances in the economy class. In the flights generally, space is cramped and there cannot be any leg movement

That said in some cases the patients require a particular amount of pressure to be applied at a specific area of the leg. That can be achieved if you go for the specifically made for you compression socks. A lot of companies allow you to specify the exact pressure measurements and they will manufacture the compression compressions socks for you.

These custom compression socks have different pressure than the off the shelf compression stocking. Make sure that you know to get the exact pressure requirement form your doctor. These custom compression socks are made differently for men and women eliminar varices.

The unit of pressure for measurement is mmHg. The pressure has to be more on ankles and then it should gradually reduce and should be lowest near the knee. That said in the custom socks you can have the pressure adjusted according to your needs. You need to select a good manufacturer to do so.

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