How To Take Coconut Oil

The coconut oil has plenty of usages which is why people would like to know how to make coconut oil from the coconut milk. The coconut oil is extracted from the grated coconut meat and can produce high coconut oil content.  It is often utilized as a component in beauty as well as food products. It has also found applications in biodiesel production.

There are several different processing procedures on how to make coconut oil from the meat of a mature harvested coconut. The more commonly used process of yielding considerable amounts of coconut oil usually starts with dried coconut meat or kernel. Extracting coconut oil at the convenience of your home is also possible. The process on how to make coconut oil at your home follows an easy procedure without using any particular equipment. You only need to have coconut, knife, grater, containers, and cheesecloth.

How to eat coconut?

To be able to accomplish your simple way on how to take coconut oil, firstly you need to have a mature coconut and peel the husk. Having a young coconut instead of the mature one is not ideal since you will not be able to acquire enough coconut meat for your oil extraction. The next step on how to eat coconut oil is to break into half the coconut shell and save the juice for future use. Then you need to have the coconut meat completely removed from the shell and sliced into several chunks for easy handling during the subsequent process.

After removing and slicing the coconut meat, a grating of the coconut meat follows. This is accomplished with the use of your kitchen grater. Then wrap the grated coconut meat with cheesecloth. The cheesecloth will serve as a filter, separating the coconut milk from the coconut meat by squeezing the cheesecloth with the grated coconut meat inside. This step will be done a few times until all the coconut milk from the meat was drained into the container.

After filtering the coconut milk from the meat, the next step on how to take coconut oil you have to immerse the residue of the filtering procedure, which is the coconut meat to the save coconut water from the previous step. Soaking of the pressed cheesecloth is usually done for several minutes. The soaked pressed cheesecloth is again filtered by squeezing to liberate more coconut milk.

Since enough coconut milk was already collected from the coconut meat, then the next process would be a separation of the coconut oil from the coconut milk, which will then be accomplished by placing the container with the solution in the refrigerator for ten to seventeen hours. This is done to completely separate the oil from all other components of the coconut milk. Since oil is less dense compared to the coconut water and coconut milk, the colourless coconut oil will float above the coconut water forming the uppermost layer of the mixture.

Finally, the coconut oil is removed from the mixture by decantation which is the process of separating the two immiscible liquids accomplished by cautiously pouring the solution from the container. To yield a significant amount of coconut oil depends on the maturity and freshness of the coconut. This is the simple way on how to make coconut oil from coconut meat.

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